GYM INTERIORS – workout space

WELL PLANNED WORKOUT SPACE - free of obstructions

WELL PLANNED WORKOUT SPACE – free of obstructions

This is undoubtedly the most vital gym space-“The Workout Zone”. Besides being neat and welcoming, this area needs to be cleverly planned and free of unsightly clutter as well as visual and physical obstructions.

Generally it is demarcated into 4 zones:

(1) Cardio

(2) Weights

(3) Floor exercises

(4) Aerobics

CARDIO  refers to workout on treadmills, cycles, etc & it is generally most used. A good designer would always want to give the cardio users a view outside if the site permits. Huge glazing lined with a row of treadmills, cycles, rowing machines & cross trainers would be a perfect setting. That’s because cardio machines are normally used for more than 5-7 mins at a stretch. If glazing is not a possibility or the view is not too pleasant outside, then TV screens can take care of cardio entertainment.





WEIGHTS area has specific needs too. Generally in order to avoid heavy impact of equipment in weight training ( dumbells, weights, etc) , rubber floors are a good option for the floor cushioning. Such provision also takes care of the sound of this equipment being used or dropped.



FLOOR EXERCISES area maybe equipped with wooden floor or carpeted floor ( Though carpeting is generally avoided due to cleaning difficulties) .


Floor work includes yoga and other floor workout routine. A music system/tv close to floor area is an add on.

AEROBICS is one of the most sought after exercise forms these days. Most of the upcoming gyms are incorporating it in their spatial design. A means of body toning via dance moves, it requires a great deal of jumping and thumping. The flooring generally required is wooden ( if budget can accommodate, then the floor needs to have shock absorption & coefficient of friction for this specific exercise form).



As we try to unfold the gym spaces, photographs of some interesting gym interiors are most welcome. Lets just keep in mind that “FIT IS THE NEW SEXY”.


GYM INTERIORS- Reception & Waiting area

First impressions are most often considered vital. Many a times they do convince us to go ahead with those long pending decisions. Generally we take partial decision on joining a gym as soon we step into its premises.

A reception must always be designed as the first introduction with a prospective client.

Reception counter with an interactive juice counter-such spaces help trigger interaction with members and serves as a breakout space.

“RECEPTION AREA WITH AN INTERACTIVE JUICE COUNTER” Such spaces help trigger interaction with members and serves as a breakout space.

The reception and waiting area in a gym ought to be both impressive as well as expressive. The decor may vary as per the overall theme of the gym; whether it is a bold use of red and black or a completely rustic look with concrete panels and exposed brickwork; attention to detail is a must as a designer.

Well designed and user friendly, needs to be the foundation of any space design.

Reception & waiting space-Warm & Welcoming

Reception & waiting space-Warm & Welcoming

Adequate amount of light and proper cooling are essential  for aesthetics as well as basic comfort. A poorly lit space is most unwelcoming. The use of both direct and indirect/reverse light are advisable.

In most of the cases nowadays air conditioning is also treated as a necessity, rather than a luxury. Beginning from the reception to the work out zone, air conditioning surely makes the environment more motivating and comfortable. As for the patterns of air conditioning and some popularly used brands in this category; I shall be discussing them separately.

Depending upon the scale of the gym, the waiting  area may or may not have some “counselling hubs“. These are areas that are first meeting points with a client. It is usually here that the first discussion on the clients present health and tentative fitness plan is chalked out in consultation with some trained staff.

Waiting area with counselling hubs

Waiting area with counselling hubs

In some gyms however, the facilities like consultation/measurements may have a dedicated room/cabin. This kind of a room is comfortably accommodated in a 40sft space ( the size maybe bigger depending on the availability of space). Such a room would require:

1. Consultants table

2. Measurement chart.

3. Weighing equipment.

4. Full body scanner.