GYM INTERIORS- Environment ( air-conditioning, light & ventillation)



When in a workout zone it is prime to have environmental comfort. Be it the provision of air conditioning, fans, proper light or cross ventilation, each is vital in its own way.

Environmental comfort is of utmost importance since we are living in a highly stressful environment. To convince ourselves to go out of our basic comfort zone is not only too much to ask, but as designers, it beats the very aim of designing ; client satisfaction.



Air conditioning maybe with cassette ac’s, split units or window units as per the project requirements and the availability of wall space and outlet possibility. AC ducts are mostly avoided these days as they do result in a lot of energy wastage.

Individual units are definitely better as they are a more economical option and can be used for localised cooling when required.

For AC installation it is important to involve proper agencies to calculate the tonnage requirements and suggest accordingly.

Usually a 1.5T AC is sufficient for 1000 cu ft room. Some of the prevalent brands in air conditioning are LG, Mitsubishi, Blue Star, etc.

ILLUMINATION  – As for lighting up the interior, natural light is an essential and must be used to the maximum. This can be done with the help of appropriate glazing and light shafts.

While designing a gym we need to keep in mind that it would primarily be used early in the morning & maximum usage would be in the evening. Gym design is a very specialised field and requires attention to detail. Lighting of gym interiors would vary as per individual requirements.



Various track lights, ceiling light and wall fixtures are available and can be used, depending on the ceiling and requirements.



The colour of walls and ceiling is also important when deciding the lumens for a room. Generally for a 150 sqft room (15’*10′) 6000 lumens  are required.

Calculating the right wattage needed to light up a room can be tricky. There are number of factors that must be taken into account and personal lighting preference is one of them.

One popular way to determine the amount of incandescent wattage needed to light up a room is to multiply the room square footage by 1.5

So for a 150 sqft room would be around 150*1.5= 225 watts (approximatel).

GENERAL LIGHTING  To have the desired feel and effect

To have the desired feel and effect

Well that’s it for now. Discussions and additions are most welcome.


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